Monday, 16 March 2015

To my human readers

Some people are born good, and taught to be bad. Some are made bad by life. I refuse to believe that any human can be born bad. Unfortunately, that is not true for us cells. Some of us are split good. Some of us will just grow to fit our purpose and remain there until our time is done. Others, however, will be born bad… when bad cells are split, there is something misplaced in their heart (sorry, nucleus), something sinister. These cells can either do the noble thing, and die...or they can live to destroy. I am not proud to say, I was born a cancer cell. And as a bad cell, I was born to end the same thing that was keeping me alive: my human host. But unlike every great villain in most stories, I longed to be the hero. I was just born on the wrong side. So, as unfortunately I cannot overturn my nature, let me redeem myself by making the science behind my life accessible to you all. Let me tell you the tales of my existence so that you will no longer have to fear my presence. Let me show you how the struggle of scientists to ‘cure’ me can affect us cancer cells on our daily routines. Let the day come where I will no longer have to blog, as I will be no more. Such a noble cause should not be reserved for the understanding of the elite: let science be for all.

Cell X

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